Business Litigation

Whenever things don’t go according to plan, your business suffers and your energy gets wasted into solving a dispute instead of serving your customers. At Le & Tran, we make sure that your concerns are heard, and we ferociously advocate and negotiate on your behalf so that you can go back to what you do best: running your business.

We’ll help your business operate smoothly in Vietnam


Sometimes, what you need is an assertive litigator who will take your case to court and seek justice for the wrongdoing you have suffered. But other times, all you need is a little help to reach a negotiated solution without making too much wave. No matter your situation, we are here to help.

Our strength as advocates lies in our intellect, creativity, and tenacity.


Whether your legal problem is simple or incredibly complex, we will help you to find the best and most cost-effective solution and pursue the outcome in a manner that makes business sense. We value your trust and long term relationship more than our fees, so we always choose the fastest route to get you to a resolution.

We focus on results. Not billable hours.


Lawyers are like doctors: when your come to us, you are in pain. We understand that you would much rather be running your business than talking to a lawyer, and we believe that our role is making this pain go away as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Good advocates have tremendous empathy.


At trial, we win by arguing a sound legal reasoning, rather than telling the judge why he should come out our way. We help the judge reach the right decision on his or her own. We establish ourselves as the teacher, the reliable source of information. Our credibility is everything.

Good litigators are good teachers.


Of course, not all cases go to trial. But we have found that our clients get the best settlements when the opposition is convinced that we are not afraid to try the case. Our preparedness to go to trial gives our clients a substantial advantage at the settlement table.

Good trial lawyers get good settlements.


When litigation is unavoidable, we assemble teams of trial lawyers who handle disputes ranging from small to complex cases with equal effectiveness and efficiency.  Our litigators are skilled orators who will step in your shoes and convey your concerns with the same passion as you would.

Our lawyers are passionate courtroom advocates, not merely paper litigators.


Since we do not charge by the hour (see our fee arrangement section), we are not interested in escalating disputes, using unfair delay tactics or simply getting our day in court. Unlike large firms who charge based on a step-by-step litigation protocol that may or may not apply to your case, we go straight to point B. Our reputation as a boutique litigation firm depends on it.

The only way to win is to protect the fairness of the process.


We spend the time and energy required to understand the imperatives of your industry and your bottom line. Most of the time, we get the results you are seeking out-of-court, avoiding unnecessary delays and costs, as well as unwanted attention to your brand.

The best legal solution is always the one that minimizes disruption to your business.


Although there is no system of court precedent in Vietnam, looking at international case law can provide a wealth of information. Sound legal reasoning can be learned from other jurisdictions, and that’s why our lawyers oftentimes look outside of Vietnam to find creative solutions to thorny statutory interpretation problems.

Our litigators speak fluent English and are well-versed in international research.


Our commercial litgaton expertse include the following: