International Arbitration

March 26, 2018

Arbitration is a practice widely recognized as one of the most useful routines of solving disputes all over the world.  International arbitration is especially an outstanding aspect.  Matters involving selection of arbitrator, preparation of documents, conduction of hearings, change of procedures, etc., are all within our scope of professionalism.  We have faced multiples of these challenges and helped our clients achieve favorable results.  Practically, international arbitration is very cost-efficient and can generate solutions that far exceed parties’ expectation.

We deeply understand the values that international arbitration brings about.  Its flexibility, neutrality, confidentiality contribute significantly to a resolution’s success.  The best resolution to all disputes is a resolution that make no parties suffer and can even revitalize the relationship between parties, clearing any conflicts inside and outside, paving the way for future cooperation and creating an environment of business friendliness.

Our practices of international settlement have made us one of the most well-known and respected international law firms in Vietnam and Asia.  We serve multiple clients, many of who come from different regions of the world.  Our clients include large corporations, high net worth individuals, as well as agents of the State.  Our lawyers are very skillful when it comes to settling disputes by way of arbitration.  In the past, we successfully replaced arbitrators who showed signs of lacking ethics and impartiality with those who possessed virtues of great personality and subjectivity.  We strongly emphasize the importance of fairness in arbitration proceedings, which means we do not only protect and try to claim all the advantages for our client but we also provide the other parties with best solutions that guarantee them sufficient compensation and minimal losses.  We win most of the time, and the worst scenario is a break-even, with both sides leaving each other in peace.

International arbitration is truly a game of master lawyers whose mind goes beyond the boundary of one country.  It is a combination of common and civil law.  Flexible reasonings in matter analysis, case law, economic and social impacts, etc., are all elements that an attorney can bring in play.  To win a case does not necessarily mean our lawyers have to strictly follow and apply the laws, but usually it is the open mind and a utilitarian approach that best solve the problem.  Our lawyers have been well trained since their academic years at school till their very own days at work.  Professionalism is only a small part of their capabilities.  What set our attorneys apart from numerous practitioners out there is truly their ability to think through every small detail and combine all into a big picture to create very deep understanding of the job.  When it comes to international arbitration, Le & Tran could be your best friend or your worst nightmare, depending on which side you choose.