Vietnam Court Tactics

    Avoiding legal traps in settlement negotiations

    In litigation, you will almost certainly be involved in settlement negotiations at some point. However, most people, when approaching settlement negotiations, usually focus solely on how to get the best deal and forget to keep their guard up in the event negotiations fail.

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Founded in 2011, LE & TRAN Trial Lawyers was built upon integrity, diligence, and intellectual rigour. After nearly a decade of upholding our core values, our team of formidable attorneys has worked hard and smart to establish our place in the legal industry, national and international. A boutique litigation firm in Vietnam, LE & TRAN has been acclaimed for our exceptional services by over 50 multinational corporations and several renowned legal rankings.

The basis for our success is rooted in our strategy, which focuses on specific practice areas to allow for specialisation and robust craft-honing. In doing so, under the tutelage of Stephen Le Hoang Chuong, a certified Disputes Star, our team of 20 elite attorneys are primed to perfect their lawyerly skills at a faster rate than otherwise. Moreover, we are also able to guarantee a more equal distribution of resources across our cases, making sure none of our clients are of a lesser priority than another. As a result, LE & TRAN has become a household name when it comes to Commercial Disputes, White-Colar Crimes, and Regulatory Compliance.

Our identity as a boutique firm allows us to form meaningful connections with our clients whilst maintaining strong relationships with legal experts and professionals. The lean and efficient structure of LE & TRAN enables us to cater to the specific needs of each client, devise customised strategies, and achieve the most favourable outcome. On the other hand, our familiarity with the local legal culture and repeated interactions with the courtroom constitute a considerable advantage. Through the firm’s well-connected network, our attorneys are experienced with trial proceedings as well as alternative dispute resolution procedures. In other words, we know how to handle and prevent lawsuits. Therefore, LE & TRAN takes pride in our ability to develop a good rapport with clients as well as industry colleagues, which has been crucial to the establishment of our eminent presence in the legal community in Vietnam.

Our clients often remark on the comfort and reassurance we deliver as part of our services. As seasoned trial lawyers, we are sharp and tenacious with the opposing party. With our clients, however, we channel the most courteous decorum, as we comprehend the level of stress and pressures our clients have to undergo. LE & TRAN attorneys are trained to be responsive and sensitive to every need and objective. We communicate with tact and productivity to minimise anxiety whilst optimising effectiveness. Coupled with our reliable winning streak, our duality of poise and assertion is another reason for our clients’ confidence in their relationship with us.

LE & TRAN is also recognised for our culture of prestige and excellence, in addition to calibre. Within the firm, we foster such an ethos because it serves as a continuous drive towards self- betterment. But the image eventually sticks: our clients see in us a sense of refinement, whilst we see in them social importance. The compatible synergy and mutual respect thus make communication effortless and work effective. With us, you are guaranteed high-quality services, executed with expertise and sophistication, much like the way you fashion your business conduct. Defined by immaculate professionalism, LE & TRAN is known to complement our clients in terms of productivity and style, further attesting to our established reputation as an elite law firm in Vietnam.


Litigation & Arbitration

  • Appellate Practice
  • Bankruptcy & Restructuring
  • Construction Litigation
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Domestic Arbitration
  • Employment Litigation & Counselling
  • Government & Regulatory Litigation
  • Insurance & Reinsurance Litigation
  • Insurance Recovery
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Media & Entertainment Litigation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Litigation
  • Product Liability Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Sexual Harassment & Employment Discrimination
  • Tax Litigation
  • Trade Disputes
  • Technology Disputes

Criminal Investigation & White-Collar Crimes

  • Smuggling; Illegal trafficking of goods or money across the border.
  • Crimes relating to banned commodities.
  • Crimes relating to acts of manufacturing and trading of counterfeit goods.
  • Crimes relating to advertising and customers’ rights.
  • Tax evasion
  • Usury in civil transactions
  • Securities-related crimes
  • Evasion of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance payment for employees
  • Crime caused by wrongful dismissal of employees
  • Violations against regulations on competition
  • Intellectual property crimes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Crimes relating to abuse of power
  • Crimes against rights of property
  • Crimes relating to information technology and telecommunications network

Judgement Enforcement in Vietnam & Regulatory Compliancy Counselling

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