Vietnam’s Premier Business Litigation Firm

“Any well trained lawyer can provide good legal advices, but only all-rounded professional can provide sound business advices while complying all the legal requirements.”

Stephen Le - Managing Partner

Le & Tran was established since 2011 by the trial lawyer – Stephen Le. Le & Tran is now recognized as one of the best dispute resolution of law firms of Vietnam.  Besides the core practice of court litigation and arbitration, Le & Tran is also well-known for other practices of criminal defenses, bankruptcy & restructuring and corporate matters.

The Firm is endorsed by more than 50 global corporations for its excellently local practicing in the deeply understanding of international mindset. Petronas (Malaysia’s fully integrated oil and gas multinational ranked among the largest corporations in FORTUNE Global 500®) did endorse the Firm as follows:


From the interview during the selection of law firms for acting on behalf of Petronas, we view Le & Tran has strong litigation background/strategic skills in providing legal opinion. In addition, Le & Tran confirmed that it could provide speedy turn-around time which is a very important criteria for Petronas the selection of a suitable law firm. Our first impression was that Le & Tran readily provided a solution to the current issue presented and added value to our company as well as exhibiting reasonable legal costs/fees.


During the first task given, it was observed that the head advocate and solicitor, Mr. Le, is a highly motivated lawyer who exhibited a desire to achieve results above and beyond expectations for the best interests of Petronas. Mr. Le demonstrated, especially to our Malaysian colleagues, a higher standard of professionalism than most, both on a personal and professional level by promoting strong values, maintaining solid accountability for his words/ actions and never making excuses in managing any task given to him by Petronas. He accepts responsibility for the decision made and remains calm in a crisis or emergency situation.


Le & Tran proved to Petronas its ability to effectively execute tasks by showing a strong, unstoppable drive to push forward the completion of any assignment given. In addition, Mr. Le’s strength is his ability to understand and manage his client’s expectations which is crucial to achieve the desired result. Further, Mr. Le has the ability to confront others on any issues without fear of adverse arguments. He also realizes how to approach the client in a cordial, respectful, and honest way to address concerns.”


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

In the tendency of more and more litigations in commercial activities nowadays by local and foreign corporations in Vietnam, Le & Tran ‘s Team of Litigation and Dispute Resolution definitely provides a truly effective solution to clients. Our high-end quality of service has been qualified by many big global corporations, typically Petronas – the multinational oil and gas corporation listed on the FORTUNE Global 500 . At trial, we win by arguing sound legal reasoning, based on practical points to help the judge reach the right decision in protecting our client’s benefit.

Corporate compliance

We can help our clients mitigate the risks relating to corporate compliance in a most effective and practical ways. Those risks can all be well handled when we work collaboratively with our clients to design, implement and assess programs to prevent, detect, remediate and minimize violations of laws or regulations of the state, and other misconduct that may prove costly to the organization. Our designed programs are not isolated, because they are integrated within the organization’s framework for corporate governance and control of risk. If an organization does not comply well with the laws, regulators and prosecutors can find their chance to bring about enforcement actions, which may even result in a civil penalty or a criminal sentence.

Labor & Employment

Labor laws and regulations are in constant transition in Vietnam, and they consist of a mixed bag of local regulations rooted in communist legal theory (generally pro-employee), and international treaty ratification (for instance, imposing the creation of labor unions). For foreign companies establishing a presence in Vietnam, it can be challenging to comply with all local labor regulations, even with the best intentions.

Whether you need proactive advice to bring your company into compliance in Vietnam, or you need effective negotiators and litigators to handle labour and employment disputes, we will work with you to drive the results you want.

Doing Business in Vietnam

“DOING BUSINESS IN VIETNAM” is led by (i) Jacob Heilskov Nielsen who was the leader in charge of the investment & corporate compliance of Baker & McKenzie (Vietnam) from 2009 to 2013. Jacob has over 10 years of experience in investment & corporate compliance and cross-border transactions in Vietnam and (ii) Katherine Tran has more than 10 years of experience advising in tax compliance across various tax matters, Kate is Singapore Affiliate ACCA and Licensed Tax Advisor by Vietnam General Department of Taxation.