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Stephen Le

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Katherine Tran

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Chad L. Meek

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Hannah Huynh

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Trang Le

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Benjamin Truong

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Victor Nguyen

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Norah Nguyen

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Helen Le

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Hania Nguyen

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Michael Vo

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Jena Pham

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About Us

History Of Establishment

Founded in 2011, Le & Tran was built upon integrity, diligence, and intellectual rigour.

Winning Awards

One of the most trusted litigation firms because we win the great majority of our cases.


The firm is endorsed by more than 50 global corporations for its remarkable local practice.


Integrity, equitable results and fairness are the values integral to our ascent as a leading law firm.


Our reliable and honorable moral fiber allows us to stay grounded as legal practitioners.


Day by day, we aim to be stronger than yesterday, to give our clients better outcomes.

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