Available Positions

Job Description

  • Directly contact, communicate, and work with clients to gather information, files, and documents relevant to the case; frequently update clients on the process and the progress you have made;
  • Establishing contact and working with the competent authorities, other companies, organizations, and individuals to deliver the most effective results to clients;
  • Directly find solutions to issues in a range of practice areas: consultancy, civil, criminal, commercial, labor, marriage and family, and others as per the Managing Partner’s assignment;
  • Research and obtain full knowledge of the assigned filese, collect evidence, draft documents, and devise plans and resolution strategies;
  • Assign tasks to, supervise, and provide instructions to subordinates and be the responsible party for all work under the your scope of management; and
  • Participate in trials and arbitrations, negotiate with the opposition and relevant parties, and protect the legal rights and benefits of clients as their attorney or authorized representative.

Job Requirements

  • A degree in Law (LLB at minimum) and a legal practice certificate (priority given to those with a lawyer card);
  • 3-5 years of experience at a similar position;
  • Leadership skills and the ability to give effective orders and instructions to subordinates;
  • Logical thinking, a sharp mind, and flexibility;
  • Strategic and responsible;
  • Honest, meticulous, and professional;
  • Fluency in English is a plus, not a requirement.

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