Legal Assistant (Litigation)

Job description:

  1. Assisting the Senior Associates in contacting, communicating; having discussions with clients to collect information, records, and documents related to the case; updating clients on the progress of resolving the case;
  2. Establishing contact and communicating with the competent State authorities, and other relevant agencies, organizations and individuals to deliver the most effective results to clients;
  3. Research and obtain full knowledge of the assigned files and suggest solutions to issues that arise in civil, criminal, commercial, labor, marriage – family cases and others as per the Senior Associates’ assignment;
  4. Collect evidence, draft documents, an create plans and strategies to resolve cases;
  5. Provide advice on drafting and reviewing contracts and other legal documents as per the Senior Associates’ assignment; and
  6. Participate in litigation at Court/Arbitration and negotiate with the opposition and relevant parties.


  • A Bachelor of Law or higher;
  • At least 01 year of experience in a similar position;
  • The ability to learn quickly, a creative mind, and competence in reading, interpreting, and implementing legal regulations;
  • Proactive, flexible, hard-working, honest, and meticulous; and
  • Fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing of English (an IELTS 6.5 equivalency or higher will be prioritized).

Bonus & Benefits

  • Other supplementary benefits will be considered following an assessment of performance and the business growth of the company.
  • Training programs for the employee.
  • Annual company trip and other activities.

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