5 Lessons I’m Bringing to 2024

Before penning my reflections for 2023 down, I had a quick look at my reflections for the previous year. What a difference one year can make.

2022 was all about developing world class systems for my team to thrive in – technological, organizational, administrative efficiencies and even strategic marketing.

In 2023, I learned some very important personal lessons that I will bring to 2024 and beyond. It was an inward journey that I did not plan for but now I see the beauty of.

To be bigger, I have to say goodbye to some friends

One of the toughest realizations was the need to bid farewell to certain friendships. As I strive for personal and professional growth, I came to understand that not everyone can accompany me on this journey.

To embrace new opportunities, sometimes we must release the connections that tether us to the past. This lesson extends beyond personal relationships and into the professional realm, where I recognize the importance of fostering associations that align with my vision and aspirations.

Being a boss and a lawyer: prioritize respect over revenue

Balancing the roles of a lawyer and a boss revealed a significant revelation. While revenue is undoubtedly crucial for the success of any firm, my priority shifted towards being a great boss first. Clients may request services, but the value of mutual respect takes precedence. Setting boundaries and aligning professional relationships with personal values has proven to be a more rewarding approach, not only for me but for the entire team.

Standing true to the essence of a real lawyer

The realization that to be a substantial lawyer, one must be capable of standing and fighting alone in any situation, emerged as a fundamental truth. Stripping away the layers of titles and accolades, the core of being a lawyer lies in the ability to navigate the complexities of legal challenges independently. This acknowledgment has inspired me to continually hone my legal skills, ensuring that I remain a true advocate for justice.

The bigger the platform, the louder the noise: but I don’t care anymore

As professional stature grows, so does the inevitable scrutiny and opinions of others. 2023 taught me that the pursuit of greatness requires a level of indifference to external judgments. Silent admiration and support from those who choose not to vocalize their respect become the bedrock of confidence. Prioritizing personal principles and goals over the perceptions of others has allowed me to stay focused on my journey.

A strong characteristic is much better than a nonsense professional

In the realm of law, a strong and principled character far outweighs superficial displays of professionalism. The integrity with which I approach legal matters has proven to be a more valuable asset than mere technical proficiency. This lesson reinforces the importance of maintaining authenticity and ethical conduct, recognizing that professional success should not compromise personal values.


Goodbye 2023, hello 2024

As I step into 2024, these lessons serve as my guiding principles, shaping not only the trajectory of my team’s growth but also the essence of my personal and professional identity. Embracing change, letting go of the unnecessary, and prioritizing integrity have become integral components of my journey towards becoming a more profound and impactful litigation lawyer. I hope you find time to pen your own lessons into words too.

May these personal lessons also resonate with you. Wishing all my clients, partners, friends and readers here the very best for the holidays and a very Happy New Year.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Le, Lead Litigator