Reflections On 2022 And What’s Next?

Before the fireworks go off…and before we hit the reset button, it’s so important to reflect. Taking stock of the year is a discipline I hold onto every year no matter how chaotic it gets.

Where do we begin?

2021 was tough, but I decided early on that we’re going to make 2022 our best year yet…and it did not disappoint.

Investing in the best IT infrastructure available

I am really proud to say that we took large strides in the area of technology. We prioritized security and moved to an advanced cloud based system. We digitized all administrative work. We also onboarded our lawyers onto a leading software with a timesheet system that helped us become more efficient.

What else? We replaced all monolog systems with smart devices, equipped our meeting rooms with the newest video conferencing systems, built a fully-furnished studio for video recordings, a training room that seats 50 comfortably and a library with an extensive collection of law books and literature.

We also expanded. We opened a new branch in the City Center (Me Linh Point Tower) to be closer to some of our clients. Yes, our head office is still here.

Counting our blessings

On the legal side of things, we brought together our best lawyers and established Corporate Counsels, a branch of LeTran which specializes in non-dispute corporate matters. We also put together a criminal team with a laser focus on white collar crimes relating to corporates and C-level positions.

You may have noticed this – we worked hard at developing a brand voice and personality that connects with our international audience and are grateful for the growth and support. Linkedin is a great example; our Le & Tran page has almost 3,500 followers (300% growth), while our Vietnam Labor Law Review now has a reach of almost 4,000 followers (300% growth). Thank you for connecting with us online.

Lastly, LeTran continues to be ranked as one of the top law firms of Vietnam, while I am privileged to continue to be ranked in the A-list of the 100 top lawyers of Vietnam by Asia Business Law Journal and ranked by Chambers in the areas of Dispute Resolution and Employment. I am grateful, we truly would not be here without our clients, partners and friends.

Achievements aside, this was our biggest challenge

Of course not all is sunny and dainty. 2022 was filled with global twists and turns. Closer to home here in Vietnam, corruption at court is still prevalent, leading to many unfair trials. At our firm, we are resolute in our anti-corruption stance. This is our DNA and we will not bend to bad culture. We can’t change the world overnight but we can and always will do our very best to fight for a fair trial and seek justice.

Looking forward to 2023

As I reflect on the significant moments of 2022, I find a consistent theme of building a world class system for the team to thrive in. We dived deep into building great IT systems, marketing know-hows and infrastructural investments, and that has set the grand stage for us to now invest in the team. In 2023, we will embark on a new mission to build up each person through greater learning and development opportunities and greater reward and hiring strategies.

At the end of the day, thank you

The world we live in today changes so quickly but with the right people, we can move ahead confidently. So I would like to end off by expressing my deepest appreciation to you for being a part of this journey. I hope you’ll also find time to take stock of 2022 and to celebrate the big and small wins of the year.

Wishing all my clients, partners, friends and readers here the very best for the holidays and a very Happy New Year.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Le, Lead Trial Lawyer