The New LE & TRAN International Finesse, Unparalleled Local Expertise, Operational Mastery

From nobody to somebody

I am immensely proud of the achievements of Le & Tran thus far. In the last 12 years, we have established ourselves as a formidable force in white-collar crimes, business litigation and arbitration in Vietnam. The challenges we faced and the mistakes we have made have shaped us into a young, resilient organization.

However, I am convinced that if we continue on our current path, we will limit our potential for growth and leave ourselves vulnerable to competition. There is only one way forward, and it is time for us to embrace change and aim for greater heights so that we can accelerate our growth for the next decade.

Life is short, and we owe it to ourselves to dream bigger, better, bolder

An eagle, in order to truly soar, must venture high above the mountains and far out over the sea to gain a comprehensive view of the landscape. Only then can it become a formidable hunter.

Similarly, clear vision is imperative to success in all layers of the organization. Vision has the power to unite and guide people in our daily choices. Vision enables us to become exceptional professionals in our respective roles, and allow us to continuously learn and improve.

Looking ahead, my vision in the next 10 years is to shape and position Le & Tran as a premier Law Corporation, recognized for its international finesse, unparalleled local expertise, and operational mastery.

International finesse

We embrace and actively pursue a deep understanding of international legal culture and ethics and apply them daily in our professional practice. We also stay abreast of global legal trends and developments and seamlessly integrate these principles into our work.

This dedication ensures that our clients receive comprehensive and effective representation in a global context. We also uphold the highest ethical standards and deliver exceptional results with a touch of finesse on the international stage.

Unparalleled local expertise

We developed our own methodical approaches, drawing insights from criminal matters and business litigation, which enables us to sharply grasp the real implications of each case and identify accurately the critical issues of any legal matter at hand.

With this deep understanding, we craft wise and adaptable solutions that respond effectively to the ever-changing dynamics of the legal landscape. Our ability to navigate the complexities of legal reality sets us apart, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of representation and strategic counsel.

Operational mastery

We embody operational mastery by combining the principles of 5S (methodology) and KAIZEN (continuous improvement) approaches with cutting-edge technologies. Our internal operations, from client engagement, fee proposals, timesheet management, and client billing, to legal matters and client relations are streamlined to minimize time waste and maximize the time lawyers can bring our clients real value.

With a strong administrative team in place, our daily operations run seamlessly and rhythmically. Everything is systemized, smartly documented, and handled with confidence. We like to say the whole firm runs with the efficiency, firmness and precision of a porsche.

Unlocking a new wave of growth

By creating an optimal environment for all talents to flourish, we will pave the way for our young lawyers to become future leaders and renowned legal professionals in Vietnam. Rather than focusing on competition, our aim is to transform ourselves by perfecting our own approaches and internal systems, thereby delivering smarter value to our clients.

To all my friends, fellow leaders, pioneers and trailblazers reading this

In this “gloom and doom” landscape, I hope you see that the opportunities are vast and promising. Together, we can unlock our full potential, drive innovation, and make a lasting impact in this complex landscape. I eagerly look forward to ushering in a new wave of growth with you in the next decade. Let’s make our dreams a reality.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Le, Chairman of Le & Tran