Commercial Judgements Enforcement – Obstacles and Solutions

With the astoundingly rapid development of the market economy in Vietnam, commercial disputes are inevitable. Assuming your side has a strong case, you can often expect a favorable judgment.  Nevertheless, it is well-known that the resolution of commercial disputes often results in a significant investment in time and money for any business.  In addition, contrary to common thinking, the actual winning of a lawsuit is only one step in the recovery process. It does not mean that the Civil Judgment Enforcement Authority will automatically enforce a legally effective judgment or arbitral award (except when the Civil Judgment Enforcement Authority decides to enforce judgments on its own initiative). Should a favorable judgment or arbitral award be obtained, enterprises are still required to submit written requests for civil judgment enforcement, because the trial stage and the judgment enforcement stage are two separate and independent phases of litigation. Each stage has its own functions and processes.

How long does it take for an enterprise that wins a case to have the judgment enforced (receiving money/recovering assets)? How much does judgment enforcement cost? What are the common obstacles faced by enterprises looking to enforce business and commercial judgments?

The fact is that there are numerous enterprises that have won lawsuits, but fail to complete the enforcement process which is prolonged and accumulates from year to year. In this important Seminar entitled: “Commercial Judgements Enforcement – Obstacles and Solutions”, we will arm enterprises with the necessary legal knowledge to navigate the field of business and commercial judgment enforcement. We will also offer strategies to assist enterprises in their interactions with the Civil Judgment Enforcement Authority in order to minimize delay in the judgment enforcement process.

Event Information

  • 31

    August, 2021

    08:45 AM – 10:30 AM

  • Virtual Online

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Candy Phan

Prior to joining the firm, Candy served for 8 years as an inspector of civil judgment enforcement. In addition, she also played a pivotal role in the resolution of civil - family marriage cases at the People's Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City and the People's Procuracy of Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. She has extensive experience in review of coercive enforcement of judgments, the process of auctioning assets for debt recovery, and the law involving settlements of complaints and denunciations concerning civil judgment enforcement. Candy joined Le & Tran in 2020 as a Senior Trial Lawyer. She is equipped with a wide range of knowledge, skills and experiences in the fields of civil judgement enforcement and courtroom litigation. She has provided critical and timely advice protecting our clients’ legitimate rights and interests, especially in complex and difficult judgment enforcement cases.