The Risks of Committing the Crime of “Smuggling” to Enterprises During the Process of Importation of Goods

In the course of their operations, enterprises in Vietnam have developed a high demand for imported machinery, equipment, materials, components, and accessories. to enhance their operations, production and business.  Perhaps not surprisingly, when it comes to importing goods the vast majority of manufacturing enterprises have no expertise in the fields of customs and importation.  If an imported asset is required, such businesses frequently delegate the task to their employees to carry out customs declaration procedures to the best of their knowledge or seek out customs agents to implement these procedures.  It goes without saying that these enterprises lack the mechanisms to manage and control the risks posed by their employees or customs agents’ actions throughout the importation process.  As a result, numerous companies have been sanctioned for administrative violations, or legal representatives and/or employees involved in the customs declaration procedures have faced the criminal liability for the crime of “Smuggling” as a result of non-compliance with customs declaration.

This seminar intends to arm enterprises with legal knowledge in the field of goods importation.  We will also offer solutions to help you manage, control risks and minimize the danger of committing the crime of “Smuggling” when assigning employees or customs agents the duty of completing the customs declaration process when importing goods.

Language: Vietnamese only

Event Information

  • 03

    August, 2021

    08:45 AM – 10:30 AM

  • Virtual Online

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July Nguyen

July is a veteran litigation lawyer at LeTran. Her expertise involves handling criminal-related cases and providing extensive legal advice to businesses and individuals regarding questionable claims made by Police Investigation Agencies and People’s Procuracy. She also specializes in protecting and assisting victims in filing complaints and working with the competent authorities to bring the crimes committed by individuals, groups, and organizations to justice. Before joining LeTran, July logged 06 years of experience working for Ho Chi Minh City People’s Procuracy. During this time, she oversaw and monitored sources of criminal information, supervising and investigating many criminal cases involving economic crimes, corruption, and abuse of power. Additionally, she also represented and protected numerous clients in court. She has resolved disputes in the fields of labor, business and commerce as well as providing strategic advice to businesses in the process of litigating and settling labor issues.