Booklet of “Employment Dispute Resolution”

October 14, 2019 Court Litigation

In the employment relationship, there is always the potential for conflicts between the employer and the employee, which may lead to a high possibility of a labor dispute.

At first, the conflict may arise from very small personal matters. However, minor issues may culminate in a worker’s strike by a group of employees if the issues are not timely and suitably resolved. In addition, a worker’s strike negatively impacts not only the production process but also the image of company. This is especially so if the strike becomes public knowledge, which may hurt business and cause the customers to have the wrong impression of the company.

There are cases that arise where the company has confirmed that the matter has been resolved with the employees in accordance with the law. However, not only do the employees contradict this and file a lawsuit with the court, but they also use criminal procedures (such as denouncement) to convict the employer who is operating a business in an illegal fashion for the purpose of reducing the prestige of the company.

There are also cases where the employer is given bad press due to the media’s desire to create a scandal resulting in inaccurate fact reporting and intentional misunderstanding. The fabricated reporting and controversy are then public knowledge within the company and may cause confusion and anxiety to other employees.

Therefore, the company should not only be concerned as to whether its actions are in accordance with the law but also to the serious, non-apparent consequences of a labor dispute.

Part 1: Important legal provisions on the settlement of labor disputes

Part 2: Typical labor disputes and discussion on solutions and exchange of experiences.

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Authors: Stephen Le , Derek Phan