Characterised as an ‘unintentional crime,’ Negligence in Enterprise Management has incidentally become a prevalent legal issue amongst corporations, state agencies, as well as their associated personnel. With the rise in cases pertaining to negligence in recent years, the need to understand its legal conditions is more imperative than ever: whilst there are two criminal offences under the stipulation of ‘Negligence,’ each offence harbours a distinctive set of provisions for criminal and damage subjects. Moreover, the sentences outlined for each offence also vary, due to the different implicated levels of responsibility incurred by the subjected offenders.

This article aims to unravel the intricacy of the legislature. Using two real cases from the past three years, the feature breaks down the elements that constitute each offence and compare them against one another in order to underline their discrepancies, to help readers obtain the clearest understanding of the legal mechanisms in theory as well as in practice.

Authors: Stephen Le

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