Losing Points – Arbitration Procedures

December 16, 2019 Arbitration

Arbitration is emerging as the favored alternative dispute resolution method due to its expeditious procedure, confidentiality and flexibility. With the promulgation of numerous laws in Vietnam to facilitate arbitration and the backlog of cases in the local courts, arbitration has become a sensible option for foreign and domestic enterprises alike. Nevertheless, arbitration procedure in Vietnam is unlike the procedure found in international arbitration as well as in the local courts, and requires adaptation and adjustment of traditional litigation strategies to achieve the best results.

This booklet will provide you with an understanding of arbitration procedure in Vietnam and how to modify your litigation strategies to achieve success. Specifically, the focus will be on the following critical questions:

  How to make arbitration agreement and how to tailor the arbitration procedure to suit your needs?

  How to requests for arbitration and make statements of defense and counterclaims?

  Who are in the arbitral tribunal and how to select a good arbitrator?

  How are arbitration hearings conducted/proceeded?

  What to do after receiving the arbitral award?

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Authors: Stephen Le , Derek Phan

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