Winning Litigation Strategies at Court and Arbitration

January 07, 2020 Arbitration

Litigation can be an unpredictable venture.  In many cases, whether you have a weak or strong factual position often does not determine whether you ultimately win or lose.  Comparable to achieving victory in war, being successful in court requires two key factors: (i) a determination to win and, (ii) an effective strategy to achieve your goals.

The first factor (i) is extremely important because even if you have a strong case with all the evidence in your favor, you cannot win if you don’t have the energy, adaptability and drive to succeed.  On the other hand, if you have a weak case but you are 100% resolved and determined to accomplish your objectives, your opponent will almost certainly be afraid of you.

The second element (ii), possessing the correct legal strategy, is equally important.  Having the proper game plan and anticipating potential obstacles and the reactions of your opponent will not only increase your chances of winning but also significantly reduce your expenses. After all, your fundamental litigation goal is to achieve optimum results at minimal cost.

The Booklet of Winning Litigation Strategies at Court and Arbitration will help you understand how to:

(i)effectively file a lawsuit,

(ii)use counterclaims as a defense strategy,

(iii)collect and use evidence to strengthen your case,

(iv)utilize winning methods for settlement negotiations and mediation, and

(v)successfully navigate trial and arbitration hearings.

Authors: Stephen Le , Derek Phan

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