Judgement Enforcement in Vietnam

Obtaining a court judgement or arbitral award is only the initial step in realizing compensation from the judicial process. In truth, the judgement or award is worthless if you cannot achieve the ultimate goal, which is to actually have the balance credited to your bank account. Whether or not the court judgement or arbitral award can be enforced will determine the real winner of the lawsuit.

The Booklet of ‘Judgement Enforcement in Vietnam’ will help you understand:

  • What are difficulties and reasons for such difficulties during the judgement enforcement in Vietnam?
  • Can the parties negotiate and reach agreement regarding the scope of enforcement?
  • What are critical issues during the negotiation and agreement in regard of judgement enforcement that the parties should be cautious to avoid risk?
  • When is suitable time for request for freezing the debtor’s assets?
  • Which assets can be requested for freezing, seizing?
  • What should the parties do in case of vague language in court judgements and arbitral awards?
  • What are critical issues in regard of enforcement of foreign court judgements and awards in Vietnam?

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss the issues surrounding enforcement of a court judgement or arbitral award in Vietnam or related other legal issues, you may contact our lawyers, who have many years of experience in judgement/arbitral award enforcement at info@letranlaw.com

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