Beyond being known as one of the premier trial firms in Vietnam, the LeTran legal team is also recognized as one of the top specialists in resolving disputes through arbitration.  This includes support to foreign law firms in advising and explaining the relevant rules, case law, procedures and government directives under Vietnamese law when disputes are resolved by foreign arbitration processes.

LeTran advises and represents clients during arbitral proceedings, including the use of effective strategies, tactics, procedures.  LeTran is involved in the process from beginning to end, from filing a lawsuit in arbitration, representing clients in working with the arbitral tribunal, the use of legal experts, protecting the rights and interests of the client, and representing clients in requesting revocation/recognition of arbitral award.

Le Tran utilizes the appropriate strategies, tactics and techniques which are shaped to suit the client’s interests and needs. For example, issues surrounding the arbitration provision, documents, and evidence to be used in the proceedings are all unique and must be applied on a case-by-case basis.

Because an arbitral award is final without the opportunity to appeal (which is different from a judgment of court which can be appealed to a higher level), diligence and attention to every single detail and procedure is essential.  Understanding this, the arbitral services provided by LeTran are always given top priority and undertaken by knowledgeable, creative, and diligent team which ensures the protection of the best interests of the client.

Several foreign companies in Vietnam have requested a workshop on the important topic of arbitration. LeTran, in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham Vietnam), conducted a workshop/seminar “Losing points – Arbitration Procedures” in December, 2019.

Losing Points- Arbitration Procedures Losing Points- Arbitration Procedures Losing Points- Arbitration Procedures Losing Points- Arbitration Procedures