Construction Disputes

Construction projects are highly uncertain in nature: insufficient quality, waste of resources, and delays due to unforeseen factors are unfortunately common occurrences. In such an adversarial environment, disputes are bound to arise. Known to be paperwork-heavy and fraught with tension, construction litigation requires a very specific type of attorney to reach a successful resolution.

With that understanding, Le & Tran is one of the top choices for construction disputes in Vietnam. Aside from legal expertise, our litigators are likewise familiar with the industry’s language and procedures. In practice, our litigators readily travel to site and engage in in-depth discussions with our clients. Leaving no stone unturned, we also examine the opposition’s perspective to arrive at the most comprehensive judgement and approach. In this regard, our proficiency, mobility, and diligence are unmatched.

Whilst recognised for our trial prowess, our litigation team has mastered a balance of tenacity and tact. Hence, we are able to modify and adapt our strategy whenever needed to meet our clients’ goals and expectation.

We have represented a number of transnational companies in high value, technically compounded disputes. Whether we assist project developers, business owners, contractors, or investors, we are committed to delivering smart and effective resolutions. Protection Status

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