Criminal Defense

As Vietnam’s premier business litigation firm, LeTran is actively involved in resolving issues in all legal practice areas. LeTran is particularly skilled in representing clients in matters of Criminal defense, especially in cases involving foreign nationals.

Criminal cases are distinct from commercial, civil and administrative matters as liability of involved individuals and organizations are solely governed by the rules and regulations of the State.

Most of our clients are extremely anxious when being summoned by or directly working with the State investigation authorities.  This is especially the case when it involves decisions or orders resulting in, or potentially resulting in arrest, criminal detention, a ban on exit or other interim measures restricting the freedom of our clients. Generally, clients do not know how they should respond/react and they are not fully aware of their legal rights and obligations as well as the criminal implications of their actions.

Defending our clients from criminal liability is one of our significant duties as professional litigators. In our 9 years of criminal practice, we have assisted numerous clients in the different stages of criminal proceedings including the initial report of the crime, the allegations contained in the criminal complaint, pre-investigation, investigation, closure of the investigation, prosecution by the procuracy and investigative authorities and the criminal trial itself. During the proceedings, we successfully assist our clients to satisfy the requirements of the law to lift the preventive or coercive burdens imposed on them as well as other interim measures.

In addition, we are also skilled in investigating, collecting and gathering the evidence for the defense, rebutting the evidence of the prosecution as well as working closely with the investigation authorities to successfully mitigate and exempt our clients from criminal liabilities.

LeTran is recognized as one of the leaders in the practice of Criminal Law.  In 2019, LeTran hosted a legal seminar entitled “Rights and Obligations of Foreigners in Criminal Proceedings” in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Vietnam). In this seminar, we shared practical situations and solutions with the foreign community to provide them with an understanding of what they may expect to encounter if they become involved in a criminal case in Vietnam.

With our depth of legal knowledge, skills and experience, we always utilize our utmost efforts to reinforce our clients’ trust, protect their legal position and interests, help them to overcome stressful criminal proceedings and minimize criminal liabilities.

Amcham: Criminal Proceedings: Foreigners’ Rights And Obligations

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