Criminal Defense

As a Vietnam’s premier business litigation firm, LeTran also specializes in criminal defense, especially in cases involving foreign nationals.  With extensive practice in both criminal and civil litigation, we fully understand the distinctness and seriousness of criminal proceedings, and how people may feel intimidated when facing the police and prosecutors who seem to hold overwhelming power.  Thus, we deeply sympathize with our clients’ anxiety when receiving a summons from the police, especially when there is the potential for an arrest, criminal detention or a travel ban.  Without appropriate legal advice, it is unlikely that most clients would be aware of their legal rights and potential criminal liability.

Defending our clients is our duty as attorneys.  In our nine years of criminal practice, we have assisted many clients in the different stages of criminal proceedings, from responding to early reports and allegations of the crime through to providing a defense in the official criminal complaint procedure, investigation, prosecution and trial.  We assist our clients to lift the restrictions imposed on them; and are active in gathering defense evidence, rebutting evidence of the prosecution and requesting for consideration of circumstances that may extenuate or exculpate our clients’ criminal liability.

In 2019, LeTran hosted a legal seminar entitled Rights and Obligations of Foreigners in Criminal Proceedingsin cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham).  This is one of our many activities where we share our experiences with the foreign community, so that they may protect themselves if they become involved in a criminal case in Vietnam.

Utilizing our legal knowledge, skills and experience, we always do our best for our clients to help them to overcome stressful criminal proceedings and minimize their legal liability.