Cross-border Transactions

With an expanding global economy, being successful in international business has become both rewarding and much more complex.  If your business has plans to expand overseas or across national borders, competent legal expertise is required to navigate the many rules and regulations and ensure the proper steps are taken to avoid time consuming and costly litigation or regulatory actions from governmental bodies.

The experienced team of attorneys at Le & Tran are able to provide your business with proficient advice and guidance through the complex landscape of international business.  From conducting internal compliance assessments for large multinational corporations to financing and structuring a merger or acquisition, Le & Tran has over a decade of successful practice in enabling our clients to expand their operations across borders. Drawing on a wide-range of knowledge across all fields of practice, our attorneys have the ability to assist you in reaching your business goals in nearly all cross-border transactional matters.

Examples of the many services provided by Le & Tran in the cross-border transactional field include:

  • Conducting internal compliance assessments to align with international standards
  • Structuring and financing mergers and acquisitions
  • Advice and guidance on international taxation and investments
  • Support for real estate and commercial transactions
  • Intellectual property matters across borders
  • Representation in litigation and alternative dispute resolution

In addition, unlike other firms, Le & Tran has the ability to provide world-class representation in international and cross-border litigation if a dispute arises. Our trial-tested attorneys represent and defend the interests of your company, utilizing the Firm’s wide array of resources to reach an equitable outcome.