Family & Matrimonial Judgements

Family and Marriage disputes and claims (‘F&M’) which fall under the Court’s jurisdiction are incredibly varied and include: Divorce, dispute over marital assets, disputes over alimony, custody right, etc. Therefore, the obligations involved in enforcement (‘JE’) of family and marriage judgements and rulings are various and diversified as well. The most common forms of JE in the F&M area include:

Enforcement of asset obligations

JE involving assets in F&M judgements usually include enforcing the obligations to transfer objects and houses and enforcing the obligation to pay the variance when one Party is entitled to receiving the assets and then required to pay other Party (Parties) the difference in the value of the property.

JE for child support obligations

Child support obligations are usually determined on a monthly basis. The level of support depends on the parties’ agreement or Court’s ruling in each specific case in accordance with law’s principals. The duration of such support obligations lasts until the child’s majority.

JE for child custody rulings

According to the Court’s rulings, one parent is assigned to raise the child.  But  if the custodian of the child refuses to give the child to  the assigned parent, the assigned parent must submit a request for judgement enforcement. This is a specific and complex case in F&M JE.

Acting as a “middleman” with profound knowledge and a flexible manner, Le & Tran has dealt with a great number of sophisticated cases in F&M via negotiation, mediation, as well as minimizing the negative effects of coercive judgement enforcement.