Government & Regulatory Litigation

Le & Tran’s Government and Regulatory Litigation Group is a specialized team within the firm that combines deep knowledge of Vietnam’s regulatory compliance landscape with extensive experience in handling disputes involving government and regulatory organizations. The group is well-equipped to address legal challenges where clients’ interests intersect with government, regulatory, and public policy issues.

The lawyers at Le & Tran have a wide range of expertise and can handle litigation in various disciplines, including administrative law, communications law, cybersecurity and privacy, anti-discrimination, education, energy and the environment, procurement, intellectual property, technology, construction, and international law.

The firm assists clients in defending against government enforcement actions and civil litigation initiated by private parties based on regulatory declarations. They also work proactively to develop affirmative strategies that align with clients’ business objectives, which may involve initiating litigation or engaging in negotiation.

The Government and Regulatory Litigation Group at Le & Tran has a strong track record of resolving disputes efficiently and effectively. They aim to reach favorable outcomes through early settlements in arbitration or mediation, and they are prepared to litigate cases through trial when necessary.

By combining their regulatory expertise, litigation experience, and strategic approach, Le & Tran’s Government and Regulatory Litigation Group provides clients with comprehensive legal support to navigate complex government and regulatory matters in Vietnam.