In-house/Retainer Counsel Service

Often due to the complexities and rapid pace of everyday business, legal and regulatory matters do not take priority until the client is faced with a problem.  In addition, there are occasions when the growth of a business outpaces the size of the organization’s administrative capacity.  Rather than simply react to a crisis, it is often more prudent and cost effective to have an experienced in-house counsel on staff to anticipate, address, and overcome any challenges that may arise.

Le & Tran has over ten years of successfully performing the duties as in-house counsel in a variety of industries and organizations.  Some of our clients have included insurers, manufacturers, technology service providers, construction firms and real estate companies.  Not only do Le & Tran In-house attorneys take the time to thoroughly research the business of our clients (such as the product/service provided, the goals of the business, the trends in the market, and the competition) but they also work with the company’s board as a member of the team to envision and anticipate future opportunities and potential roadblocks.  

Our retainer packages are crafted to suit each particular client and are based on the business size, industry and objectives.  Some of our services include:

  • Regular meetings and advice as to all legal matters and implementing business goals;
  • Review of corporate structure and provide advice on restructuring to maximize legal protection;
  • Employee handbooks and corporate policies to minimize risks;
  • Preparation of employment contracts, NDAs and non-competition agreements;
  • Intellectual property assessment and protection;
  • Assessment of insurance coverage and providing advice regarding coverage disputes;
  • Advice, negotiation and preparation of agreements and commercial contracts;
  • Monitoring and advising on potential risk and compliance matters;
  • Providing officers and directors with guidance as to strategic considerations and fiduciary duties;
  • Compliance assessment with local, national and international laws and regulations;
  • Advice on all potential and ongoing litigation involving the business.

Le & Tran is dedicated to ensuring that your business is able to focus its time and energy on running and expanding your horizons, rather than on legal or regulatory matters.  With in-depth experience, and recognition as a premier law firm by numerous organizations including Chambers and Partners- Asia Pacific, Benchmark Litigation and Legal 500, Le & Tran will assist your business in reaching new heights.