Intellectual Property Infringement

Categories of intellectual property offences: Infringement of copyrights and relevant rights; Infringement of industrial property rights

As the entire globe transitions to the digital era, intellectual property products are becoming increasingly important, and crucial in the success and development of businesses, particularly those operating in the field of information technology. As a result, acts of infringement and the necessity to protect intellectual property products are also on the rise.

It would be unjust if the author’s work or the patent, trademark, trade name, etc. associated with the reputation or image built up over many years of business is seriously affected by a deliberate attempt to illegally copy or distribute the work or counterfeit a trademark or geographical indication, etc. Should these violations go unchecked, genuine businesses will be at risk of losing the trust of consumers. In other words, violation of copyright and related rights, and industrial property rights not only damages the economy, but also jeopardizes the intellectual creative motivation of authors, businesses, and society as a whole.

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