Court Litigation

LeTran was founded and built on its expertise in court litigation. Led by the formidable litigator Stephen Le Hoang Chuong, LeTran has distinguished itself as Vietnam’s premier litigation firm and has been recognized by more than 50 global corporations for its excellence in delivering results.

Our belief is that all disputes must be resolved on the basis of the law, evidence and reasoning. The litigation strategy and the system of tactics and techniques which are firmly grounded on such a basis will always deliver a fair and equitable result which is reflective of the nature of the dispute. Therefore, our litigation philosophy is to pursue all aspects of the case and defense arguments on the foundation of the law, the evidence and logical reasoning. With a strong team of highly experienced litigators, we have a deep understanding of what needs to be done and what should be avoided to protect the fairness of the proceedings and to secure a winning outcome for our clients.

Litigation strategies:

Providing the most proficient services to our clients comes from thoroughly understanding their goals and interests in detail. It is extremely critical to devise a litigation strategy that is in line with our client’s ultimate aims to ensure their legitimate interests are protected.

Litigation tactics:

Implementing an overall litigation strategy requires appropriate litigation tactics for each stage of the case. These tactics need to be changed and adapted to any and all circumstances which may arise. Litigation tactics require creativity, carefulness and deliberate action throughout their application.  This avoids mistakes in submitting documents and information or falling into the traps planned by the opposing party which may affect the fairness of the court and the facts of the case.

Litigation techniques and experience: 

During the process of dispute resolution, we always thoroughly consider which techniques to apply and which litigators are most experienced in the proceedings to ensure the goals set by our litigation strategy and tactics are met.

Our litigation practice areas:

Construction disputes;

Shareholder disputes;

Disputes over agreements of cooperation, investment, sales and purchase of shares;

Disputes over the fiduciary duties of company managers;

Commercial or civil contract disputes;

Disputes over the sale of goods or provision of services;

Intellectual property disputes;

Labor disputes;

Insurance claims;

Tort claims; and

Claims for public apologies and compensation for damaged reputation or prestige.

At the request of the business community, LeTran has collaborated with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham – Vietnam) to host the following seminars on dispute resolution:

At the request of several members of the business community, LeTran has collaborated with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Vietnam) to host the following seminars on dispute resolution:

Winning Litigation Strategies;

Judgement enforcement in Vietnam;

Evidence in Commercial Dispute Resolution;

Construction Litigation;

Shareholders Dispute; and

Employment Dispute Resolution.

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