Asset Management Litigation

Asset management is a huge economic sector in both developed and developing markets.  It is a type of business created naturally following the success of enterprises, when such enterprises require more capital to deploy in their operation.  On a larger scale, asset management is a need for both the investor and the company, bridging the rights and duties between the principal and the agent.  The Vietnamese legal system in such a new situation is well prepared for each and every case evolving around corporate and investment matters, ranging from securities trading to board of directors disputes.  These concerns have recently risen to a new significant level in Vietnam as the market is entering into its new phase of capitalism, where state-owned enterprises are gradually going through the process of privatization and foreign investments are growing.

Le & Tran is now a popular name among corporate and investment lawyers in Vietnam.  We do not only build a strong team separately to focus on investment matters but also, we create a large network of professionals from other law firms and auditing and invesment companies as well, along with a good connection between our attorneys and corporate leaders.  We have deep experience in assisting international and local investors with their investment in public and private securities, real estates, investment funds, and many other types of assets.  We secure smooth transactions, prevent false information, verify sources of data, collect evidence and present documents.  It is not difficult to find us working overnight or during weekend answering phone calls from clients or attending video conferences with brokers and traders.  We work with private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, pension plans, insurance companies and commercial banks in almost all stages of money management.

A typical case was when we claimed back tens of millions of dollars for a foreign institutional investor, as a result of our client’s discovery that their investment in a local food manufacturer was not deployed in an economically efficient way and there were signs of embezzlement.  Also, we protect local enterprises to avoid unnecessary mistakes and possibility of receiving illegal sources of capital, which is another hot topic recently as governments around the world tighten their laws in money laundering control.  Not all cases we represent go to trial, and the majority of which are settled via arbitration and other methods of mutual agreement.  In a case where the minority investors sued the brokerage house for improper buying and selling of securities without investors’ prior permission, as it was impossible to bring the suit to court, we utilized a strategy of draining that brokerage house’s power down to such a level that they have to seriously address our clients’ request.

We look at matters with an eagle’s eye, omitting no important objects and combining every single detail into our analysis.  Our lawyers are more than mere people with legal background, we are experts in the field of professional investment and we understand the techniques of how to build a successful path for investing and managing your assets.