Bankruptcy And Insolvency

Bankruptcy And Insolvency

Bankruptcy and insolvency is the Firm’s only practice that involves our lawyers’ business knowledge and skills beyond litigation. Our lawyers make sure that each bankruptcy and insolvency case brought to us will be handled in a most effective way possible, minimizing all the risks involved and guaranteeing a fair outcome for all parties.

Asset sale and liquidation are one of the first actions to be carried out after the corporate files for bankruptcy. Our lawyers work closely with accountants, auditors and sale agents to assure the corporate gets back in full the value of assets, or at least redeeming a reasonable amount from the sale process. Another perspective is the settlement of corporate’s liabilities towards its creditors. When bankruptcy happens, it is usually the credit institutions and noteholders who compete to claim back their money.

However, sometime bankruptcy is not always a straightforward and propitious process, but it involves a complicated legal implication between different stakeholders where litigation can happen. At that time, our litigation experts with extensive experience in dealing with litigation bring much more effective result to clients since at this stage the litigation strategies are highly demanded and must be fast and practical to execute asset right for clients rather than the administrative procedures.

Our corporate clients usually come to us for advice long before any dissolution idea arises, since they are aware a problem is best solved when it is well prepared and anticipated of all the outcomes. We always advise and represent our clients in a way that eliminates most of the risks that may come along and pave the way for good arrangements.

We are relatively free of conflict and have a general viewpoint covering the whole matter in each bankruptcy & insolvency case. We don’t specifically advocate for any economic trends like employment lay-off, capital reduction or investment cut-down. What we want to achieve is simply a fair outcome for every party involved, guaranteeing a favorable post-bankruptcy era for each employee, investor, creditor, supplier and consumer of the original corporate entity. Protection Status