Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract is a failing to perform any part of the contract, written or oral, without a bona fide legal excuse.  If your company is interfered with or damaged in a contractual relationship, then filing suit against the offending party may be the soundest way to repair the hardship that your company is endeavouring to overcome.  In which case it is wise to seek a competent lawyer to fight for your rights.

A breach may be minor, material, fundamental or anticipatory.  Regardless of such categories, a serious enough breach of contract may create possible financial and reputation burden on an enterprise.  Consequences resulted from such breach of contract situations can be difficult to recover.  When a major form of contract is broken, either intentionally or unintentionally, the results may be devastating.

The law varies as each breach of contract case contains specific details.  The validity of the claim and the awarded amount is derived from the actual damages incurred.  In other words, to what extent should a breach of contract be repaired in compensation for the obligation that was not fulfilled?  The lawyers of Le & Tran are skillful in assessing the amount of damages properly and presenting them to the court, in such a way that all the damages done to our client will be recompensed.

A lot of cases we handle stem from labor issues like improper termination or other breaches of employment contracts, as these are very typical in Vietnam.  Other causes for breaches of contract may include the following cases:

•  Confidentiality or non-competition clauses

  By-laws or other operational documents

  Unfair Competition Claims

  Leasing agreements

  Buy-sell agreements

  Service agreements

  Warranty or guarantee disputes

Our lawyers are experts in reviewing, drafting on your behalf all the contracts you have to sign.  We make sure that our clients shall be completely immune to risks inherent in risky clauses, and we also assure that the clauses and terms are in our clients’ favor.  It is said that preventing a disease is thousands of time better than desperately curing it when it materializes.  Whether you are counting on us from the very beginning of your contractual relationship or seeking our help when you have to face imminent threats beyond your capabilities to handle at court suit, Le & Tran is the best lawyers for your company.  We do not only protect you from traps, but also we do defend you from perilous fights.  We are canny to avoid traps, and we are fierce to frighten your worst enemy. Protection Status