Health Care

Any matter relating to health care is of significant importance to Le & Tran’s practice.  Medication is a big industry anywhere in the world, and especially in Vietnam where recently there is an increasing needs of high-qualified health care services in both public and private sectors.  We invest a lot of effort in studying health care-related laws because we perceive that, a good health care industry is vital to the development and stability of our community.  Community’s best interest is at our firm’s core value.

Vietnam has all the useful laws applicable to solving conflicts arising out of health care practice.  This industry serves and affects all classes of society, from low-income to wealthy individuals, from people in rural areas to those living in highly developed urban districts, all need health care.  Nevertheless, the current low development level of health care in Vietnam still poses unpredictable threats to participants in this field.  Although most complaints on health care don’t go to court, the majority of these are often potential of causing damages to reputable health care plans, hospitals, physicians, doctors and pharmacists, which is often followed by significant loss of consumers’ trust toward expertises.  As professionals, we understand that a matter cannot be blamed on just one person or one subject.  Particularly in health care, problems arise because loopholes in the system affect the whole treatment or prevention process.  Our law firm is not only concerned with legal aspects in health care matters, we also encourage our lawyers to research and study technical issues in health care business, effectively learning about how different elements linked with each other, creating better communication with our clients.

As health care is a very sensitive and socially oriented topic, we only want to make sure that, when it comes to litigation, we are on the right side.  This means, even when we receive very good offer from a potential client, if we discover that the party we may stand for is not doing for the best interest of the community as a whole, we will not accept such offer and may even choose to support the other side.  We carefully research the overall matter to have a fair view on the situation and go for the side that truly is rightful in act.  We’ve engaged in anti-kickback and false claim litigations that involved chains of hospitals and pharmacies, and insurance companies as well.  We’ve represented consumer class actions, regulatory actions against agencies and public health plans of the state, in seeking of compensation for defective health care products and services.  Many of the cases we handled amounted up to national and international scales.