Insurance & Reinsurance Litigation

Insurance litigation has been a new yet strong practice of Le & Tran over the years.  Our competitive edge comes mostly from years of working as secondment legal services with big global insurance firm.  We have successfully dealt with many cases where our legal knowledge excellently matched our client’s needs in negotiating, planning, settling and disputing over conflicts.

In Vietnam, insurance litigation is increasing broadly between individual or entity as claimant and insurance firm as defendant and comes in all types, from disputes over insurance amount, validity of insurance contracts, to disagreements about parties’ duties.  There are also cases in which the negligence of insurance officer is the cause of trouble or there are schemers who plan to exploit the defects of insurance policy for their own benefit, trapping the naive and inexperienced into losing bunches of money.  Brightly clear, beside the opportunities and challenges that come along such insurance activities, legal risks are inevitable and usually happen in a most unexpected way.

From our viewpoint, insurance is absolutely a complex business, greatly depending on each specific case and the claims for insurance are also highly diversified.  Insurance is mainly a business of intellectuals, with very few or no physical activities take place, apart from signing the papers and reading the materials, negotiating the terms, and reaching agreements.  When litigation takes place, our clients are best supported by highly analytical lawyers who can see through problems and have significant skills in settling deals.  We do not only represent our clients at trial when the disputes happen, we also work with our clients from the beginning of all insurance policies and insurance schemes, envisioning what have to happen and what may happen, eliminating most of the risks our clients endure.  Our lawyers spend numerous hours in studying the insurance industry, going into details of every arithmetic, every calculation, fixing each small note in an insurance contract and always stand beside our clients in sharing the risk.  We also advise our clients in management and operation of daily corporate activities, since we understand that risks may come from any part, any level of organization.  Not only do we strike at the correct time to protect our clients, we also incorporate into our services all legal aspects for running a business smoothly.

When it comes to insurance litigation, our lawyers are experts.