Product And Service Liability Litigation

With an increasingly integrated global market, consumers now have access to an unlimited amount of products and services available in almost every industry from healthcare to household appliance.  As a reality, products and services are by no way perfect and often have certain percentage of containing mistakes and defects which potentially cause unpleasantness to consumers at small and deficiency to economy at large.  Realizing such inevitable trends, our firm has developed a unique practice focusing exclusively in handling disputes and litigations revolving around product and service liabilities.

We can represent any party in a litigation, whether they are the consumer or the producer/service provider, with an equal efficiency and a viewpoint that covers the entire story.  Product and service liability litigations can get extremely complex because any product/service involves lots of suppliers, stages of manufacturing, and in whose hand lies such liability.  A significant number of litigations widely published in recent years stems from a global trend of offshore outsourcing.  Manufacturers in developing countries, such as China, often bid for very low price to secure contracts with Western branches, but as soon as production begins, Chinese suppliers try out all the ways to cut corner and achieve their target of large quantity, with inevitably low quality.  Differences in business cultures also affect how parties consider their agreement.  In countries where the law is highly enforceable and well respected, together with a strong background in business practice, companies and enterprise owners clearly understand the value and implicit meanings of a contract, with very few maneuver behind the scene after a contract is signed.  It is quite opposite in countries with limited capabilities of earning high income and thus, enterprises in these countries usually exploit all ambiguous points in a contract to make up for all the losses they endure as a result of bidding heavily for obtaining contract.  Lead-tainted toys, asbestos-contaminated building materials, fake consumer products, toxic medicine, etc., are examples of failures in producing at-quality products.  When these events happen, it is already too difficult to determine whose liability is breached, let alone settling the heavy litigation processes themselves.

Our clients range from manufacturers, retailers, sellers, to insurers in various industries like medication, automobile, media & entertainment, cosmetics & fashion.  Our experienced lawyers can tell right away at which point during the process should our client come for consultancy, risk hedging, and how to get the advice for their activities.  In product and service liability, it is usually difficult but not at all impossible to predict the outcome right from the stage of contract signing.  We have successfully engaged in a number of cases to stand for our clients’ interests, protecting them from claims and counter-claims of all sorts.  What we learn from our years of working in this field is that our client shall be best protected if things are planned at the beginning.  To do this, it would require the best lawyers.  Our firm is affiliated with many corporations which provide us with special knowledge and consultancy that are very helpful when solving problems.