Mergers & Acquisitions Litigation

Merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions require lawyers who have specialized experience and deep understanding of the techniques in evaluating all legal aspects related to the companies to maximize the benefits for investors during M&A negotiations. It is critical that due diligence is practiced prior to the transaction to detect future implications of actions related to the target company.

With extensive experience in resolving disputes over investment and M&A transactions, Le & Tran has a thorough understanding of the key issues, documents and transactions which have important future consequences. With a complete understanding of the legal risks, clients will be able to estimate the price and establish a plan to buy back or invest in the target company, taking into account the costs to overcome legal challenges as well as remedying the violations of the target company. We provide advice and consultation to our clients in the following areas:

  • The legal implications related to business lines and the operation licenses of the target company;
  • Evaluation and assessment of issues related to the transferring of money and capital of the target company;
  • The impact of violations in associated transactions and taxation compliance by the target company;
  • Evaluation of commercial contracts (e.g. compensation for breach of contract, void contracts, and contractual penalties);
  • All aspects concerning labor issues (e.g. outstanding premiums of mandatory social insurance, implicit labor disputes);
  • Issues in connection with the judgement enforcement obligations of the target company;
  • Matters related to the pledged and mortgaged assets of the target company; and
  • Consideration of the implications of the loans/debts of the target company.

After completing a full investigation and evaluation of the points detailed above, Le & Tran is able to provide advice to investors on the detailed strategies required to invest in the target company (applying accepted valuation principles for the legal risks) as well as the tactics and techniques for overcoming the legal consequences with the least expense.