Other Commercial & Civil Disputes

Understanding a Breach of Contract

Published: December-2023

What happens when important promises are broken? We get into contracts with people often and unfortunately breaches happen more often than we like too. Do you know your rights? What constitutes an actual breach and what can you do about it?


As a leading litigation firm in Vietnam, we have extensive expertise in handling a wide range of commercial and civil disputes, specializing in areas such as breach of commercial agreements and transactions, sale and purchase transactions, and the supply of goods and services.

Our client portfolio includes multinational corporations and conglomerates spanning diverse industries, including construction, food and beverages, shipping, maritime, energy, technology, banking and finance, and insurance. We are entrusted with providing counsel and assistance to clients not only in challenging cases with high stakes under Vietnam’s jurisdiction but also in cross-border disputes.

Commercial litigation is renowned for its complexity, primarily due to the involvement of business organizations rather than individuals. As a result, the stakes are higher, necessitating a cautious yet assertive approach from our attorneys.

At Le & Tran, our dedicated team approaches each case with a carefully tailored plan. We recognize and appreciate the unique and intricate nature of every situation, placing a strong emphasis on a customized approach. Throughout the entire legal process, from negotiation sessions to trials, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency, and excellence, ensuring our clients receive exceptional representation and outcomes.