Contract Law

Contract law forms an essential foundation of a successful business.  This includes conducting competent commercial contract formation and negotiations to establish a contract’s enforceability as well as assessing the related legal risks.

With years of diversified experience in solving commercial-business and civil disputes at court and arbitration, LeTran is skilled in anticipating the common pitfalls, disputes and remedies as well as evaluating the risks of contract negotiations and performance between the parties.

Any misstep during contract formation, regardless how minor it seems at the time, can have a serious impact on the future of the company. These consequences include having the contract being deemed null and void, costly and time-consuming disputes, and even liability for your company, all of which could have been avoided if the contract was well-drafted from the outset.

LeTran offers focused solutions for each particular client, not only reviewing and assessing the consistency of the law with regard of the contractual object, but also considering the enforceability of contractual provisions at the outset. This minimizes the risks to the company as well as ensures the smooth conclusion of contract negotiations.

Besides being a trusted partner of a number of multinational companies, LeTran is an active member of the legal community and is on the cutting edge of developments in Vietnam’s contract law.  This has included the successful completion in 2019 of the workshop/seminar “Commercial Contracts – Pitfalls” in conjunction with Amcham Vietnam.