Corporate Compliance

LeTran possesses diversified experience in resolving disputes arising from a company’s daily activities as well as in working as in-house lawyers for several multinational corporations. We understand the company’s need for an outstanding and knowledgeable lawyer as well as someone who has a deep understanding of business activities, purposes and effectiveness in each particular field.  This is necessary in order to provide practical advice that is both appropriate to the business operation and consistent with the law.  As such, our services concentrate on the following significant areas of corporate law and compliance:

The powers, responsibilities, and obligations of shareholders, board of management/board of members, and other management positions in company;

Document preparation and conduct of the general meeting of shareholders and board of management/board of members;

The issuance and announcement of the decisions of shareholders’ general meeting and board of management/board of members;

Managerial compliance requirements;

Enforcement of internal decisions and commands;

Enforcement of legal reports and directives regarding business activities;

Enforcement of codes of conduct (internal and external) including fraud, conflicts of interest, bribery, corruption, illegal giving – receiving money/gifts, sexual harassment, and discrimination;

The protection of company information, confidential information, and intellectual property rights;

Compliance with moral regulations, social responsibilities and business cultures; and

The procedure for drafting, controlling, approving and signing commercial, civil, and labor contracts with partners, employees, and outsourcing entities.