Labor & Employment

LeTran is ranked in Tier 2 by Legal500 for its labor consultancy and dispute resolution in Vietnam.  LeTran is representing more than 30 multinational corporations and 40 foreign CEOs in the legal issues relating to labor in Vietnam.

Labor and employment are always the top concern of every company.  Even with the best preparation, companies may still face difficulties in complying with all labor regulations.  Vietnam labor law has a wide range of guidance documents issued by the competent state authorities from time to time, which requires constant monitor and update.  With our vast experience in labor law, we understand which legal issues are important and should be of concern to the companies and their employees:

Advising and representing clients in the labor disputes;

Advising and representing the clients in the procedures for lay-off, restructuring, employment termination;

Advising, reviewing and drafting non-competition, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements;

Advising on the issues relating to severance allowance, job-loss allowance, social insurance, health insurance and other benefits and welfare for the employees;

Advising, reviewing and drafting the service contracts, labor contracts and the code of conduct for the employees;

Advising, reviewing and drafting the labor policies of the companies, e.g. Internal Labor Regulations, Collective Bargaining Agreement and other internal policies;

Advising on issues relating to working conditions, working hours, rest time, wages/salaries, bonuses, payment of wages/salaries and bonuses for the employees;

Advising and resolving the labor issues involving foreign elements, e.g. recruiting and using the foreign employees, issues arising due to the foreign employees being transferred to other countries to work or employees work for multiple employers at the same time;

Advising, reviewing and assisting the companies in handling difficulties relating to work permits/work permit exemption of expats;

Advising on the issues relating to labor outsourcing; and

Advising on the Trade Union and its activities in Vietnam as well as other legal issues on the labor area.

Attorneys in charge: Stephen Le , Hannah Huynh

Being requested by the business community, in 2018, LeTran and the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham – Vietnam) organized an employment dispute resolution workshop: (Amcham – Employment Dispute Resolution Event).

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