Real Estate Disputes

Real estate is deemed costly investment that no one wishes to lose in disputes; especially where the disputes get more complicated due to contingent business issues, i.e., breach of partnership agreements, sale of businesses, and insolvency. In short, real estate disputes are straining and unpredictable.

With our team of skilled and seasoned attorneys, Le & Tran readily is of help. Understanding the market, we are familiar with the mechanisms of commercial, residential, and mixed-use sectors. Hence, our analysis is comprehensive, taking in both legal and industrial factors. We possess the sharpness to quickly react to changing circumstances and adapt to our clients’ changing needs. Our turnaround time is exceptional. Whether our clients are having issues with breach of contract, real estate fraud, or specific performance, Le&Tran always gives a clear, tactical, and cost-effective resolution, or, if necessary, assertive and effectual litigation.

We have acted for our clients’ profit, whether they are buyers, sellers, agents or brokers. From development to regeneration disputes, our litigation team at Le & Tran is prepared to tap into our experience and exercise our critical thinking to guide our clients towards a solution that is most suitable for their legal and commercial needs. Protection Status

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