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    Shareholders Dispute

    Business is deemed a machine, which works efficiently if all pieces of this machine are operated and run smoothly. Therefore, shareholder disputes, which are considered as an error of the business operation, are likely a familiar reason leading to operational and financial setbacks and severe damage to many companies. Disagreements amongst individuals holding critical roles in the companies cause detrimental effects on the operational performance and reputation.

    Shareholder disputes become complicated and challenging due to an complex mix of issues regarding individuals, legal and financial matter. With that understanding, our attorneys have sharpened our analytical and investigative skills to perfect our forensic services. Equipped with financial knowledge, we have known methodologies of issue discovering and identifying in depth, especially where issues are not rapidly apparent on the surface. Our legal expertise, financial fluency, and strategic thinking are valuable when it comes to inspecting the facts and building a compelling case, tailored to our clients’ request.

    We also become adept at presenting and defending our arguments. Whether tough actions or amicable tactics are demanded, we are ready to employ the most advantageous approach. We have confidence and skills to navigate and coordinate mediation, negotiation sessions and trials.

    Le & Tran has acted for companies or company personnel also in cases of significant value and importance. Guided by our belief in justice, we are prepared to represent any involved parties, i.e., majority or minority shareholders, directors, interested third parties. Proactive in our approach and tactful in our execution, we are here to protect your interests.