Corporate Compliance

LeTran has extensive and diversified experience in resolving disputes arising from daily business activities as well as an in-depth understanding of the working mindset and culture of global corporations as in-house counsel. We understand that international companies not only require a good lawyer with knowledge of the relevant laws, but also a corporate professional who understands business operations as well as company direction and goals. In brief, LeTran offers a legal team that comprehends the dual objectives of complying with the laws while realizing a profit at the same time. We focus on the following internal issues essential to company operations:

Providing advice and direction concerning all aspects of business ventures in Vietnam including business lines, type of business entity, and strategies for charter-investment capital;

The powers, rights, responsibilities and obligations of shareholders, board of directors, supervising committees and other managerial departments of the company;

Preparing for and conducting general meetings of the shareholders, the board of directors, and the members’ council;

Properly issuing and noticing the decisions of the general meetings of shareholders, board of directors, and members’ council;

Compliance with the fiduciary duties of the managerial positions of the company;

Preparation and enforceability of the internal decisions and orders of the company;

Applicability and implementation of laws and regulations related to business operations;

Preparation, enactment and enforceability of company codes of conduct (internal and external) including regulating acts of deception, conflict of interest, bribery, corruption, illegal giving or receiving money/gifts, sexual harassment, and discrimination;

Protection of proprietary business information, confidential information, and intellectual property rights;

Compliance with ethical regulations, social responsibilities and relevant business culture; and

Negotiating, drafting, revising, approving and signing commercial, civil, and labor contracts with business partners, employees, and suppliers.

Attorney in charge: Stephen Le

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