With the growth of economic development and government bureaucracy, Vietnam’s tax system is evolving rapidly towards predictability.  However, due to the many complex and diverse government policies, it has often caused confusion and controversy when applied in practice.  In addition, the government’s efforts to increase tax revenue poses difficulties for tax planning as well as for resolving conflicts between enterprises and the tax authorities.  Our clients place their trust in LeTran because of our practical and effective working methods that resolve and overcome any difficulties while allowing the enterprise to remain in compliance with the tax code.

Effective advice, minimization of risks, and avoidance of unnecessary disputes with the tax authorities are our main goals in addressing our clients’ concerns.  Our many years of experience, professionalism, knowledge of our client’s legal issues, and timely coordination with our clients and relevant agencies are the factors that lead to our success.

Whether it is a simple or a complex tax issue, such as tax planning, involvement in a legal dispute over a ruling by the tax administration or cases that may potentially incur criminal liability, our tax litigators and experts have consistently implemented effective solutions.  We have successfully provided advice on all manner of tax issues related to corporate income, value added tax, contractors, and personal income, etc.:

Transfer pricing: advice on procedures and internal documentation that is likely to be inspected by the tax authorities and key issues to be raised concerning “arm’s length price” in transfer pricing, as the basis for explanation to the tax authorities.

Tax disputes: when a dispute occurs, the ability to work and negotiate with tax officers is critical. As attorneys specializing in dispute resolution, we excel in negotiation skills that achieve the best results for our clients.

Tax inspection: when a tax inspection takes place, enterprises most likely will be found to have serious tax violations. When this occurs, an analysis of the company’s tax methods/documentation, as well as potential violations in other areas, should be conducted to estimate the extent of the violations and financial losses, if any.  It is important to have experienced attorneys such as LeTran as cases related to this issue often involve criminal liability for business leaders.

Tax examination: from time to time, based on the administrative system, the tax authority will conduct enterprise tax examinations. A periodic compliance review helps enterprises minimize risks when tax authorities audit their activities.

Application of tax laws and tax policies: This is absolutely essential for enterprises with credible compliance policies. It is known in business culture as “the forward thinking approach” which consists of the practice of understanding and applying the law are to avoid the cost of correcting the violations in the future.

Taxes on mergers: Taxes are an indispensable factor when considering a merger transaction. We provide advice to our clients on key issues to assist in the successful conclusion of an agreement which is entirely in compliance with the regulations.


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