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    Tax Litigation

    Le & Tran has over a decade of experience in tax-related advice and litigation in Vietnam.  We are experts on the implications of tax matters for our clients which range from large, multi-national companies to individuals. The Firm routinely provides key assistance in navigating the intricacies of the Tax Code and successfully defending clients in regulatory actions.

    Dealing with the Vietnamese tax authorities regarding a tax dispute is not a simple matter.  There are several agencies, such as the General Department of Taxation and the Ministry of Finance, as well as local tax authorities that need to be considered.  In addition, there are often complexities in areas such as business valuation and accounting that require careful consideration and research.

    Le & Tran listens carefully to the in-house accounting department/managers of its clients to ensure the business objectives of each client are able to be achieved.  Should a dispute with the tax authorities exist, the Firm works hand-in-hand with the client to prepare the case and collect the necessary evidence.  The ultimate goal is to achieve an equitable solution with the tax authorities in the shortest possible time frame.

    In addition, our tax advisory services aim to help clients with a full range of taxation strategy, covering both direct and indirect taxes. Our team consists of top attorneys in tax litigation and licensed tax advisors with many years of experience in various industries.  These services include, but are not limited to:

    • Providing advice on the application and effect of tax laws (decrees, circulars, decision, etc.) on the day-to day operations of the client’s business.
    • Representing and defending the company’s interests during a tax audit.
    • Performing tax due diligence and identifying and resolving faults and potential tax risks before an M&A or tax audit.
    • Communicating with the relevant authorities on behalf of the client in all tax matters.
    • Providing guidance concerning contractual tax clauses.
    • Finding solutions to avoid double taxation.
    • Recommendation of actions in connection with restructuring measures.
    • Assisting in tax administrative procedures such as tax returns.
    • Optimizing holding structures and tax groups.
    • Evaluating opportunities to limit the client’s tax liability.