Technology Disputes

The technology and communications industries have undergone a revolutionary transformation over the past two decades, with computing and software innovations advancing at a rapid pace. In this ever-changing technological landscape, it is crucial for modern businesses to be aware of the opportunities and challenges that arise. Le & Tran, with its extensive experience, has become a trusted legal partner in protecting intellectual property, navigating recent laws and regulations, and representing clients in complex civil litigation. Our client-focused approach and expertise have yielded successful outcomes both in Vietnam and worldwide.

Our client portfolio encompasses a wide range of industries, including computer manufacturing, software development, internet service provision, and insurance. At Le & Tran, we take the time to deeply understand our clients’ products or services in the market. This enables us to craft strategic and cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific needs. With our profound industry experience and comprehensive knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, we surpass other law firms in technology dispute litigation.

Due to our expertise and reputation, Le & Tran is frequently sought after by clients from diverse backgrounds across Southeast Asia and the world. We provide comprehensive advice on all technology-related matters and diligently pursue or defend litigation on behalf of our clients.