Trade Disputes

In today’s interconnected world of global transactions, businesses must carefully consider the implications of their actions on a global scale. This is particularly important for multinational companies expanding into different countries with diverse legal and cultural environments. Factors such as varied economies, political landscapes, and modes of dispute resolution and negotiation can significantly impact the success of international businesses.

The Le & Tran trade disputes team possesses extensive knowledge spanning the South East Asian region and beyond. Since its establishment in Vietnam in 2011, the firm has gained recognition within the international legal community and has been honored by reputable organizations like Chambers and Partners-Asia Pacific, Benchmark Litigation, and Legal 500. Our team’s in-depth understanding of international and regional trade agreement structures provides our clients with a distinct advantage in trade negotiations and disputes.

Another key strength of Le & Tran lies in our extensive experience in customs disputes and enforcement. We have successfully assisted numerous businesses in navigating and resolving a wide range of customs-related issues, both in Vietnam and worldwide. Our expertise includes consultation on the provisions of Free Trade Agreements and seeking solutions through international bodies such as the World Trade Organization (WTO). By leveraging our knowledge and skills in this area, we help our clients achieve their trade expansion goals.