Bankruptcy Lawsuit – Why Not?

August 15, 2019 Legal Seminars

Event Description

Most people think that bankruptcy is a bad thing and it will kill a business. However, depending on your strategies, bankruptcy process can actually save a business, give your leverage in other litigation cases or resolve difficult matters that you are encountering. Since you will always be either a creditor or a debtor, you will potentially be involved in a bankruptcy process in the future, and good understanding of such process will be essential to protect your interests.

Please download our presentation file for your understanding on:

• In which cases should you file for bankruptcy?
• Who can file for bankruptcy and what are the requirements for filing?
• How is business operation during the bankruptcy proceedings?
• What are powers of creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings?
• How are restructurer, declaration of the company bankrupt and debts repayment performed?

 –  Written by LE & TRAN | Vietnam’s Premier Business Litigation Firm

  Below are some pictures taken at the event:
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