Criminal Proceedings: Foreigners’ Rights And Obligations

May 28, 2019 Legal Seminars

Event Description

When one hears the term “criminal”, most people think of something very serious.  In fact, in Vietnam it most certainly is.  Different from commercial, civil or administrative proceedings that can be solved with money, criminal proceedings can involve a progression of steps beginning with an arrest and escalating to imprisionment.  Further, you have no right to avoid participating in a criminal proceeding and you should be aware that the Government will enforce the “Rights and Obligations” in a very strict manner.

If you are a foreigner living and working in Vietnam and are not familiar with the criminal procedure of the host country, it may lead to significant difficulties in protecting your legal rights and interests.  This seminar will provide a vital in-depth analysis and summarization of the “Rights and Obligations of Foreigners in Criminal Proceedings”, and aims to provide specific guidance in real-life situations that foreigners may face when becoming a participant in a criminal case in Vietnam.

Please download our presentation file for your understanding on:

• Does the Criminal Proceedings Code govern foreigners’ crime?
• Which role may foreigners involve in the criminal proceedings?
• Is authorization applicable in the criminal proceedings?
• How are rights and obligations of foreigners during the pre-prosecution stage (matter of criminal sign) and the prosecution stage (criminal case) regulated?
• How are measures of prevention and coercion applied to the foreigners?
• What are practical situations that the foreigners may involve and how to handle?

 –  Written by LE & TRAN | Vietnam’s Premier Business Litigation Firm

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