Evidence in Commercial Dispute Resolution Seminar

January 02, 2018 Legal Seminars

Event Description

When entering into any commercial transaction, the parties always expect its smooth implementation and the lucrative benefits.  However, there can be practical factors affecting the implementation of the transaction and leading to the potential dispute to which the relevant evidence standing for the position of each party is the key to win.

Understanding how the evidence works under the Vietnamese law shall help you know and prevent the contractual risks or promptly settle arose dispute amicably without any litigation or ultimately prepare a good litigation strategy at court or arbitration in case litigation is unavoidable.

Please download our presentation file for your understanding on:

• What is evidence and which documents can be considered as decisive evidence in the lawsuit?
• How can electronic evidence, such as email, voice recording, audio recording, be used in the lawsuit?
• What is witness’s competence during the litigation in Vietnam?
• Is evidence obtained by unlawful or unfair means usable?
• Is silence understood as acceptance by the Vietnamese Court?
• Do opinions of experts and non-experts bind the Vietnamese Court?
• Is privilege (confidential communication) applicable in Vietnam? Does the Vietnamese Court force the parties to submit such communication?

 –  Written by LE & TRAN | Vietnam’s Premier Boutique Litigation Firm

  Below are some pictures taken at the event:


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