Litigation Discussion Event

March 12, 2020 Legal Seminars

Event DescriptionVirtual Meeting

At Le & Tran we strongly believe that all disputes must be resolved on the basis of the law, factual evidence and logical reasoning. The litigation and arbitration strategies and system of tactics and techniques we utilize are firmly grounded on this basis and always deliver a fair and equitable result which is reflective of the nature of the dispute. Le & Tran’s commitment to this philosophy has resulted in the establishment of a reputation for integrity and success.

With the assistance of AmCham Vietnam, Le & Tran has previously organized numerous seminars concerning litigation and arbitration which have been well-received by the business and legal community. For this event, we will not focus on any particular topic; instead, you are welcome to question or discuss (and even challenge) Mr. Stephen Le _ our preeminent Trial Lawyer regarding any legal question or solution you may have.

Hosted by: Stephen Le
Managing Partner

Apr 9, 2020
8:30 am – 10:30 am

Virtual Meeting

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