Shareholder Disputes

June 28, 2018 Legal Seminars

Event Description

Disputes between shareholders are common and may arise in any partnership. Sometimes, such disputes can be resolved simply by the compromise between the involved parties but more often, they can turn into a serious fight that substantially hinders or even destroys the business from inside. Understanding how to effectively navigate shareholder disputes to prevent should be a must for building and maintaining a successful business.

Please download our presentation file for your understanding on:

• What risks and adverse effects can be caused by the shareholder disputes to the business operation?
• How to deal with obstruction of business operation caused by one of shareholders?
• What is the breach of fiduciary duty?
• What should you do in case the company has only one legal representative and that person breaches his fiduciary duty?
• What can the minority shareholders do to protect themselves from the majority shareholders?
• What is needed to minimize the dispute risk at the very first stage of establishment of partnership?

 –  Written by LE & TRAN | Vietnam’s Premier Boutique Litigation Firm

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