Vietnam Litigation Review
(No.5 2018)

October 11, 2018 Law Reviews

Vietnam Litigation Review 

No.5 2018
Judgement Enforcement in Vietnam


Obtaining a court judgment or arbitral award is only the initial step in realizing compensation from the judicial process. In truth, the judgment or award is worthless if you cannot achieve the ultimate goal, which is to actually have the balance credited to your bank account. Whether or not the court judgment or arbitral award can be enforced will determine the real winner of the lawsuit.

This insight will help you understand:

Difficulties of enforcement of judgments and awards in Vietnam.

Negotiations and agreements regarding the scope of enforcement.

Freezing and seizing of the debtor’s assets.

Navigating the vague language in court judgments and arbitral awards and;

Issues surrounding foreign court judgments and awards.

– Written by LE & TRAN | Vietnam’s Premier Business Litigation Firm

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