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Under which circumstances shall the investment project be terminated?

An investment project shall be terminated in the following cases:

    • The investor decides to terminate the project;
    • The project is required to be terminated according to the conditions set out in the contract or charter of the enterprise;
    • The project term is finished.

The investment registration authority shall terminate an investment project, in part or in full, in the following cases:

    • The investor fails to overcome the difficulties that lead to the project suspension specified in Article 47.2 and Article 47.3 of the 2020 Law on Investment;
    • The investor is no longer permitted to continue using the investment location and fails to complete the procedures for changing the investment location within 06 months from the date on which the investor is no longer permitted to use the investment location, except for case (iv) below;
    • The investment registration authority is unable to contact the investor or the investor’s legal representative within 12 months from the date of suspension of the project;
    • Land reserved for the investment project is expropriated by the State for the reason that the land was not used or the land use was delayed in accordance with legal regulations on real estate;
    • The investor fails to pay the deposit or obtain a bank guarantee of escrow obligations as prescribed by law if project implementation security is required;
    • The investor conducted investment activities on the basis of a sham civil transaction defined by the civil law; or
    • Pursuant to a judgment or decision of a court or an arbitral award.

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